Europe-Asia-Australia-Asia 1982-1983

The plan was "around the world" but that world was far too big for the time and the money I had. It took me from May 1982 to November 1983 from The Netherlands to Germany, Finland, Sovjet Union, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hongkong, China,Hongkong, Thailand, Birma, Singapore, Malaysia,Thailand, Nepal, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia, Singapore, Thailand and back to The Netherlands.No digital pictures, only Kodachrome slides and sometimes ordinary snapshots on paper. the quality is a bit debatable. It will take years to fill this chapter of my website but I'll do my best. It was a different time for traveling. Backpacking was just starting, you knew almost everybody on the road who did the thing. No telephone, no newspapers, hardly any guidebooks.It was an epic journey.